8 Reasons Why Online Casino Block Accounts

You might face a ban and account block while playing casino games online. It is common in online platforms to block your account for several reasons. There are a few things that you must know about why your account might get banned from 123bet platforms. With the help of notification, you will receive an alert of your account getting banned. Let’s take a look at the reason why online platform does that.

1. Too Many Unsuccessful Login Attempts

You might go through many unsuccessful attempts because of forgotten passwords. You might lose your account if you need to remember your password and keep attempting to log in. So, make sure not to try unsuccessful login attempts in your account.

2. Failed Verification Process

Whenever you are providing your legal documents to the platform for your KYC, it might be possible that you will not get verified. Not getting verified from an online platform have one simple reason you have provided them with the wrong documentation. It can lead to the termination of your account easily. Every license to a casino requires 100% original documentation for verification.

3. Underage Gambling

The legal age for gambling is above 18 in almost every country. Some countries allow users above 21 to play gambling games. So, if you are under aged and submitted documents, you might lose your account because of illegal activities. The platform would not be mounting its reputation to go down and will block your account immediately after learning about your age.

4. Duplicate Account

Making an account on the same document again and again might also terminate your real account and your duplicate account. The KYC process is only possible once in a single document. So makes sure to make only a few accounts on them.

5. Bonus Harvesting

Bonus harvesting is when the user makes several accounts to take advantage of the online bonus. Online bonuses are simple strategies for every casino only to attract many users to sign in for their website.

6. Suspicious Activity

The artificial intelligence system is specially installed in online casinos website because they can know about every suspicious activity. So, if artificial intelligence finds something suspicious, you might lose your account.

7. Unusual Banking Transactions 

Money laundering is one of the most common illegal activities in online gambling casinos. So, if your account is going through unusual banking transactions through online casinos, you might have to face the consequences of getting your account blocked or banned.

8. Terms And Conditions Violation

If you violate the casino game policy and do not agree to their terms and conditions, they will probably block your account. Many people violate the policy, such as not providing proper documentation to verify. So usually, if you have violated their terms and conditions, you will ban.


Make sure no toilet any kind of policy during online gambling. If you are completely genuine and gambling with perfection, they will never ban you. Above are the reasons why they will probably ban you from playing these casino games.