Sports Betting

How to Bet on Sports? –  5 Tips for Beginners

People from all over the world enjoy betting on sports. For some people betting on sports is like a passion, and some consider it a fun and enjoyable pastime. Betting on sports not only offers a lot of fun, but there are odds of winning a lot of money.

Making money is not difficult while betting on sports, but it requires a lot of time and dedication. Therefore, placing a single large bet and striking for the jackpot is impossible. In contrast, the strategy is to place small bets and win a series of small profit amounts.

Focus on Single Sports and Team

Focusing on a single time at time is the most powerful idea to win in online sports betting. Try to gain complete knowledge of a specific team to easily understand the value of that team. However, before focusing on a single team, decide the sport you will place the bets on.

You can choose from various e-sports like cricket, football and many more. Some bettors like to bet on the regular sports league, while others are betting on the world cup as sports Piala dunia came once in a year or once in two years. That’s why bettors like to place more bets on the world cup.

Study the Past Records of Your Chosen Team

When you study the records of the different teams, you will encounter a common term named ‘ATS’. The term ‘ATS’ stands for Against the Spread. Therefore, ATS measures how the teams performed in past matches.

ATS value also shows the point spread of the teams created by different online casinos and sportsbooks. So, if you are a beginner, always try to choose the team with the highest ATS value, as the teams with the highest ATS value have more odds of winning money.

Pay Attention to the Bankroll Management

Good management of the bankroll means protecting money from consecutively losing in gambling. The first step in managing the bankroll is not to use the money essential for daily needs. The next step is deciding the budget you want to spend betting on sports.

Suppose you have decided budget of 200 dollars. Then try to place a single bet between 2 dollars to 5 dollars. Do not maximize the betting amount from 5 dollars if you have 200 dollars. It is better to make smaller bets than a larger amount of bets.

Bet Against Public

Betting against public strategy is also known as the ‘fading the public’ strategy. In this strategy, you must place bets against most of the public. This strategy increases the chances of winning because the majority bets on the favourites. Since most are betting on their favourite casinos, move the winning line to the less popular ones.

Shop for the Multiple Lines

To become a professional sports bettor, create accounts on different casinos and sportsbooks. Creating different accounts will benefit you as some casinos offer better paylines than others on the same game. Moreover, the best time to shop for the line to place a bet is an hour before starting the game.


Offline Betting V.S. Online Sports Book-Which One Is Better  

In the past, the players needed to go to a venue to participate in betting games. But today, the excitement is different when you see that and bet in live tournaments and sports. It offers you more convenience. Also, betting games online are safer and more comfortable.

Today several sites like sbobet88 cover massive sports betting games. They also offer big prizes and promotions, which help each gambler earn more money. In addition, live betting is more profitable than online sportsbooks; here are some reasons.

Protects your profits

  • Basically, traditional betting is more expensive than online betting.
  • Also, several players fail to realize the difference between these two sports bets.
  • When gamblers go to a sportsbook, they must pay for many expenses like seating reservations, parking, food and transportation, and many more.
  • With this, the winning profits will not be more lucrative than online betting.
  • When it comes to using betting sites, with just a few clicks on your phone, you can access them.
  • In addition, also no need to pay for other expenses because you don’t need to travel miles.

No need for falling-in-line

When it comes to offline betting, deals with long lines or queues at the bookmaker are the biggest problem for players. You need to arrive at the venue two or three hours before the match or event starts, and it is because you need betting tickets.

While in online sports betting, you only need to spend a few minutes to get a ticket. In addition, the gamblers have a chance to compare their every competing team’s lines. The odds are basics on how your team can win the match. Also, when you get the latest odds, it increases the chance of winning.

Line shopping and odds comparison

Line shopping and odds comparison are the essential things you need to examine before choosing the betting site. When betting offline, the players only get the odds what they see. But in online betting, the players can get better odds and lines, which help you to increase your chance of winning.

In addition, there are plenty of betting sites online, which means that the players can compare their odds at every betting site and utilize the one which offers you better odds and bigger payouts. It also helps you to boost profits rather than offline betting.

Plenty of bonuses and promotions

One of the best advantages of online betting, which offline betting has failed to give, is plenty of bonuses and promotions. If you are a beginner at the betting site, it offers you a bonus so you can try out the betting without depositing money. Moreover, the betting site offers you different bonuses and rewards, so the players increase their chances of winning.

Final words

The approaches between online betting and offline betting differ. Although each player prefers to bet online, it is because it gives many benefits to offline betting. After all, betting online also helps you gain more profits and experience.