3D Space Adventure

Mystery and isolation in outer space. Launching September 6th

About the Game

  • What is Solaria Moon

    Solaria Moon is a single-player space adventure game, with an exciting story full of suspense and challenges that will catch you from the start. Entertaining puzzles, great gameplay, and an awesome story that will give hours of fun.

  • The Story

    Lucy Lambert, navigation officer in the cargo ship Taranis, wakes-up suddenly from her cryo-extasis to discover that all the crew has been killed by the computer except the enginer officer Nikolay Pavlov, who is absent. Lucy must discover why all his mates are died, where is Pavlov and what is happening in the Taranis.

  • Who are we?

    Solaria Moon is a creation of 3y3net studio and Tizona Interactive publisher. The team is composed of one programmer and game master, one music composser, one actress to dub voices and all Tizona Team, four people dedicated to polish, promote and make Solaria Moon a top game.


Engine room

The heart of Taranis ship. Six coupled WARP engines.

Cryo Pods

Cryo Pods room, where the adventure starts...


Taranis command center. Located at the top-back of the ship you got a privileged position from here.

Spaceship Taranis

Taranis is a cargo ship mastered by Robert Monroe, a freelancer who ships cargo to wherever you wish asking no questions.

Inside Solaria Moon

Solaria Moon was born as a single person project. In fall 2015 Javier Nieto present the first prototype of the game in the Spanish Game contest ZeroUno Networking.

It was a very embrionary project but soon catches the attention of Tizona Interactive publishers who encourage Javier to create a more complete team and boost Solaria Moon to the project has become now.

First prototypes

Victor Tarín joined as music composer and some weeks later, Inge Martín offered her services to give voice to the protagonist of the game, Lucy Lambert.

We are planning to launch the game in third quarter 2017. Currently the project is Greenlit and you can see how it advances and evolve.

Key Points


Awesome Story

Most time of our team meetings is spent arguing about the story of Solaria Moon, dagging deep into characters behaviors and motivations to get a full polished script that catches the attention of the player from the start to the end.


Amazing Puzzles

The heart of any adventure game are the puzzles and how difficult is for the player to complete the levels. Solaria Moon is pretty full of genuine puzzles that will entertain and chalenge the player.


Outstanding graphics

If script and puzzles has evolved to a new standard from the initial version, graphics has been completely redesigned. Literally all original scenarios has been throw off and current ones are simply far far away from the initial ones.

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